Transport around Isle of Man Airport (IOM)

Isle of Man Airport (IOM) is very accessible from all directions. Whether you are travelling by public transport or driving your own vehicle, the airport is easy to locate. All destinations on the island can be reached within an hour's drive, and the airport is well-signposted on all routes.

Ronaldsway, Isle of Man
Isle of Man Department of Transport
Time Zone
054°05'00"N 004°37'26"W


the Isle of Man Railway makes a stop at the nearby Ronaldsway request stop close to the airport. This service provides the rare opportunity for passengers to travel to the airport by steam locomotive. Trains run four times per day and only stop on request, so Ballasalla Station is a better option. Ballasalla Station is a 10-minute walk from the airport, and is served by regular trains destined for Douglas, Port Erin and Castletown.


passengers can take advantage of a frequent and reliable bus service in the Isle of Man. The airport's bus stop is just outside the main entrance and a number of routes are served. Buses 1, 1C, 2 and 2A are destined for Douglas Bus Station and run every half hour during the day from Monday to Saturday, and every hour on a Sunday. The journey to Douglas takes around 30 minutes.

Bus number 8 is bound for Peel, via Foxdale, with three services each day Monday to Saturday. Buses 1, 1C, 2, 2A and 8 run to Castletown, Colby, Port Erin and Port St Mary. Services to Castletown are regular, but buses to the other destinations are less frequent.


taxis are available from just outside the terminal. A price board lists the various fares which are set on two tiers, depending on the time of travel, with higher rates applying at night.


the airport is located nine miles from the capital city of Douglas. If you are travelling from the west you should take the A31. If you are approaching from the north, take the A3 or A25. The airport is well-signposted on all routes.


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